BMSS Client Feedback


Six Maritime needed to explore both known and emerging business opportunities in the maritime security sector in the country of Oman. We chose BMSS to assist us due to their unparalleled reputation for sound management of maritime security projects in the Middle East. BMSS entered contract negotiations with us under very fair terms and thereafter promptly undertook the assignments with steadfast commitment and devotion. All assignments were completed on time and with professional thoroughness. We were inspired by the proactive nature with which BMSS tackled our problems: Operational analysis and development of Concepts of Operation for specific opportunities, relationship building (international and cross-cultural), Maritime Safety and Security consulting, Law Enforcement and Defense liaison and capacity building to name a few. Stephen Duffy in particular showed a high acumen for navigating the business landscape in Oman and surrounding areas. Mr. Duffy remained in Oman for three months working on our issues and consistently delivered honest and thorough progress reports.

As a whole, our experience with BMSS was extremely positive and we look forward to future interaction with them. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in the industry.

SIx Maritime Oman

Risk Intelligence required an experienced bridge adviser to take over from the project manager after anti-piracy preparations and training had been completed for a complex seismic operation during a period of high piracy threat. BMSS provided personnel with the requisite naval and maritime experience particularly in the field of anti-piracy. The handover was smooth and conducted in a very short time frame. Special SOPs were developed to enhance command, control and reporting structures, which reflected BMSS’ experience in naval and coast guard operations. Cooperation was excellent and the bridge advisor integrated seamlessly into the existing bridge team.

To summarise, Risk Intelligence’s high standards of project delivery were fully met and we are happy to recommend BMSS to any customer who values quality of service and integrity of personnel.

Risk Intelligence

David is an experienced navigator and in the time that I worked in close liaison with him he was OIC of the UKMTO based in Dubai. He was at the forefront in developing various anti piracy procedures and routines for worldwide commercial shipping fleets which are employed on vessels to this day. He was also pivotal in the development of the two transit routes that have run through the Gulf of Aden; the IRTC is still utilised by the numerous vessels that transit the region each day.

He and his team provided an invaluable 24 hour manned anti piracy service monitoring the numerous vessels transiting throughout the Red Sea, Gulf of Aden, Gulf Of Oman, Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. Through close dialogue with shipping companies, Masters and other interested parties he was able to build up a picture of vulnerable shipping in these waters and their approaches. Close work with military vessels patrolling the shipping routes and The Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa (MSCHOA) enabled rapid responses to prevent and deter attacks and help safeguard merchant shipping in these regions.

His extensive knowledge and proven practical concepts have aided many vessels in thwarting attacks within these areas. David is a true professional whose knowledge of counter-piracy operations is second to none. It was a pleasure to work with David and his team over this period and I wish him all the best for the future

Mick Whitehouse – Dryad Maritime Operations Manager

Dryad Maritime

I had regular contact with David during his days as OIC UKMTO. During this time he always made the time to talk and offer good sound advice and where sensitivities / military restrictions allowed sharing of useful information. His assessments of the piracy situation in the GoA where well thought through and invariably proved accurate which in turn helped me to carry out my role more effectively. I have a great deal of respect for David.

Andreas Smith – BP


Secora has utilised the services of Bancroft Maritime Security Solutions personnel in support of an Australian Defence Force (Royal Australian Navy) contract, namely the Minor War Vessel Logistics Capability Improvement Program. The specific aspects contributed by BMSS are improvements and upgrades in relation to Organisational and Business Management, Personnel, Training and Command and Control.

BMSS has a thorough understanding of military, organisational and logistics requirements that has contributed to innovative and effective outcomes for the client, enhancing the solutions developed to realise tangible and long-term benefits. BMSS has assisted Secora to enhance its reputation for quality outcomes to the full satisfaction of the client. The high expectations held by Secora for the products developed and implemented in this program have been well and truly met by BMSS. We continue to receive support in these endeavours and recommend BMSS to companies that seek knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated service providers.

Peter Sinclair – Partner