About Us

Mission Statement

Ethical, market leading risk management and compliance solutions for the ultimate safety and security of those operating in the global maritime environment.

Who we are

Bancroft Maritime Security Solutions Limited (BMSS) is a maritime risk management and maritime consultancy company with a genuine understanding of maritime security issues and protocols. With offices in UK and Australia, the company was founded in 2009 by David Bancroft MNM, and was formed due to the imperative to provide security solutions to the Merchant Marine industry by those with actual maritime experience, fully understanding the unique challenges of the merchant marine environment. The company has since expanded its service delivery to additionally cater for relevant requirements of the civil, policing and defence arms of government in respect to maritime safety and security.

BMSS directors and senior consultants have collectively over 100 years service at sea including service in the Royal Navy, the Royal Australian Navy and the Merchant Navy.

BMSS has paramount competence and capability in ship, port and installation protection, maritime border control, marine disaster / crisis management and response, and many aspects of safety and security in the maritime environment at the tactical, operational and strategic levels of command and control. In particular, the company has unrivalled knowledge in piracy countermeasures; David Bancroft commanded UKMTO from 2007 – 2009 and initiated the Anti Piracy Best Management Practice as well as designed and implemented the IRTC (Internationally Recognised Transit Corridor).

BMSS personnel have all been individually and specifically selected and vetted by the Directors who have had first-hand knowledge and experience of the abilities demonstrated by each consultant. We insist that BMSS security operators are among the best the industry has to offer to ensure the reputation of BMSS and the client is maintained, second to none.